Briggs photos of staffer are a ‘catalyst for termination’  Misa Han, AFR
Briggs photo leak a ‘gross breach of privacy’  Matthew Knott, The Age
‘Mad witch’ journalist not offended by mishap  Fergus Hunter, The Age
Business backs high standards in Briggs affair  Sarah Danckert & Misa Han, AFR
Public servants warned about voicing opinions  Phillip Thomson, SMH
Backbench rejects call to reinstall Abbott  Primrose Riordan, AFR


Briggs and co still don’t get it  Sean Carney, Herald Sun
Briggs, and so many men like him, fail to get it  Jenna Price, The Age
Victim blaming takes the Briggs debacle from bad to worse  Paula Matthewson, The Drum
Briggs’s decline nothing compared with the dignity denied to public servant  Conrad Liveris, The Guardian
Briggs affair: defects in process  Jennifer Oriel, The Australian
Populists replace traditional reds  Nick Cater, The Australian
Drink to MPs taking responsibility  Elise Elliott, Herald Sun
There’s a strong business case for a republic  Andrew Bragg, The Age
Terror fight not limited to ISIS  Peter Leahy, The Australian
What is the role of the Grand Mufti?  Maher Mughrabi, The Age
Putin singles out NATO as a threat  Amin Salkal, The Age
Saudi Arabia’s grisly statement of intent  Rodger Shanahan, The Drum
A plea for a 2016 without hubris  Shane Wright, The West Australian


This attitude to women cannot be tolerated  The Age
Briggs report should be released  The Australian
The West must remember its virtues  Australian Financial Review
Violence continues to destroy families  The Daily Telegraph
Diversity in Parliament  Herald Sun
National drugs summit may point to way out of police and health morass  Sydney Morning Herald


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